To read your ebook you will need our free special PDF reader for the PC called "Javelin". You only need to download it once, however many ebooks you purchase. PicJur files are not printable.


STEP 1. Download the ebook(s) you have purchased. Click on the 'Download link' (or links) below for the items you have ordered and 'Save' the file(s) to a convenient folder on your computer (do not use the "Open with..." option if this is provided as this will just provide a temporary file that will probably disappear next time you try and access it!). If you are using Firefox and are not sure where files are downloaded to, you can right mouse-click on the downloaded item in the Downloads window and it gives you the option "Open containing folder", so you can check where it has put your file. If it is in a temp folder, make a copy or move it to somewhere convenient, e.g. \My Documents

ebook Download link (for PC/MAC, not iPAD/Android)
Contracts (map) http://www.drmz.net/PicJur/DRMZ/Contracts.DRMZ
Contracts Deck (flashcards) http://www.drmz.net/PicJur/DRMZ/ContractsDeck.DRMZ
Civil Procedure (map) http://www.drmz.net/PicJur/DRMZ/CivPro.DRMZ
Civil Procedure Deck (flashcards) http://www.drmz.net/PicJur/DRMZ/CivProDeck.DRMZ
Criminal procedure (map) http://www.drmz.net/PicJur/DRMZ/Crim.DRMZ
Torts (map) http://www.drmz.net/PicJur/DRMZ/Torts.DRMZ
Torts Deck (flashcards) http://www.drmz.net/PicJur/DRMZ/TortsDeck.DRMZ

If you have any problems downloading these files then try the zip file link:

http://www.drmz.net/PicJur/DRMZ/picjur.zip - This link includes all the Poster-style and Flashcard-style PicJur files. Extract the files to somewhere permanent on your PC, e.g. your main "Documents" folder

STEP 2. Use your Internet browser to download the special "Javelin" PDF reader for your Windows PCcomputer from:


Choose the "Save File" or "Save" option if prompted - follow the instructions on the web page to install the appropriate reader. For Windows users, simply run the downloaded javelinsetup.exe file by double-clicking it - ignore the typical Windows warning messages about exe files! The reader will be installed and links to Javelin provided on your Desktop and Start menus.

STEP 3. Run Javelin, select the File menu, Open... option and open the file you have saved (each one in turn if you have saved several). For each file you will need to enter an authorization code as provided to you for that specific document in an email that is sent automatically. You can copy the code and paste it into the field, and then it is checked over the internet. After authorizing the file it available to view without requiring authorization again. If you do not receive the email then let us know asap. Thank you

Notes: The authorisation process relates the file to the computer and disk on which it is authorised. If you wish to move the file to another disk or use it on another computer (e.g. a laptop at home) you will need to repeat this process and re-use the authorisation code provided (you may use this code 2 times in total).

Note: because these files are very detailed you may well need to zoom in on pages to read them - if necessary click on the page content (using the left mouse button, held down) and you can drag the page around to see the section you need to look at.

If you have any technical questions or problems contact us for assistance. For content related issues contact PicJur via their website