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To read your ebook you will need our free special PDF reader for Apple Mac OS devices called "Javelin". You only need to download and install it once, however many ebooks you purchase. Please make sure that you have your Authorization code or codes for the book(s) you have ordered and follow the steps below carefully. If you have any problems you can email us for assistance, as indicated at the foot of this web page. Thank you

STEP 1: Download the book or books you have ordered. You can either download all the titles in one go as a zipped set of files (if the publisher provides this option) and then extract the files and use the book or books you have ordered, or for Javelin3 users with OSX 10.12.4 or later you can use the File menu, Catalog.. option if the publisher provides a catalog of their titles for you to access (see further, step 2) - they will provide details. The publisher may also enable you to select the specific book or books you have ordered from a list they provide. In this case the books download page is provided


Note to publishers: if you use a catalog and the customer has OSX 10.13 or later then you can ask them to download the catalog via the built-in downloader or via the File menu, Catalog option, as an alternative - i.e. as with Javelin3 on the MS Windows platform

After downloading and saving your book or books in your DOCUMENT folder or via a Catalog (which automatically saves the files for you) you will need to open them using the free Javelin for Mac OSX PDF reader - see step 2

STEP 2: Use your Internet browser to download the special "Javelin" PDF reader for your Apple Mac device from:


Make sure you choose the appropriate version of Javelin for your OSX version - choose the Javelin3 reader for all recent versions of OSX and choose the older Javelinm reader for most earlier versions of OSX - if you have an earlier version of OSX we recommend you use the download link provided for the .dmg file and follow the instructions on the page but you can also use the AppStore version (use the AppStore icon on your Mac for this) although this is only recommended for pre-10.12.4 versions of OSX. Details of version names and numbers can be checked by clicking on the little Apple icon in the top left of your screen and selecting the ABOUT option, or here if you are not sure: Wikipedia entry for OSX versions

When the Javelin program is run you will see the Javelin icon on the lower display area and the Javelin menu in the top left of your screen:

   Javelin   File   View   Window   Help  

STEP 3: Run Javelin, select the File menu, Open... option and select the ebook you have ordered and have saved in your DOCUMENTS folder. If you are using Javelin3 with Catalogs, the option will be available via the File menu, Catalogs.. facility, followed by selection of the Catalog for the Publisher you are receiving the book(s) from - this will automatically download their catalog of titles from which you can select by clicking on the item(s) you require. When the ebook file has downloaded and is opened it will prompt you for an authorization code in order to view your ebook. You can type the code for that specific ebook into the field or copy the code and paste it into the field, press OK and then it is checked over the internet. After authorizing the file it is available to view without requiring authorization again. If the code is not correct for that ebook it will let you know, so it is important to check you are selecting the correct book and using the specific code for that book. The code entered should be 9 characters in length and will have no upper case letters - it is all in lower case and numbers.

Notes: The authorization process relates the file to the computer and disk on which it is authorized. If you wish to move the file to another disk or use it on another computer you will need to repeat this process and re-use the authorization code provided (you may use this code NNN times in total).

If you have any technical questions or problems contact us for assistance - include details of the operating system you are using and the authorization code or document license file you were provided with. For content related issues please contact the publisher